Thursday, November 30, 2006

World Aids Day

1 December is World Aids Day
We can truly say that our country has seen the effects of HIV/AIDS, since we have one of the worst infection rates in the world.
Dealing with HIV/AIDS is all about the mindset of individuals and this is evident since the stigma of having and living with AIDS is one of the biggest threats to actually conquering it. It is easy for us to be apathetic towards the epidemic and it’s easy to say that it will never affect us. But our support for those living with AIDS is desperately needed..
Red Ribbon Initiative.

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Barbara said...

Really Amazing!

Hi guys! While searching for information on World Aids Day I ran across Oxfam’s StopAids website. They provide some very interesting HIV/AID facts and also you can see an inspirational video clip from Annie Lennox, a supporter of Oxfam’s work. Come and check it out!