Monday, November 06, 2006

Happily Ever After

We decided to snuggle on the couch yesterday afternoon and hired BrokeBack Mountain on dvd to watch. It is not a movie we had seen on the big screen and after a few people had given us their reviews decided it was not a priority movie to go out of our way to see. I like happy endings and there is so much unhappiness and heartbreak in the gay world, I did not think it would be a movie we would enjoy watching. (post a comment if you have a happy story to share).

To our surprise however, we thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the guys were quite cute and the story quite moving. It was particularly exciting when they initially discovered each other and brought back memories of my days as a straight married guy finding a man for the first time. That was when I really knew what I was missing in life… more about this in future days of this blog.

So if you haven’t seen BrokeBack Mountain, I would recommend it.. particularly if you have not yet taken the plunge to move in with the guy you love.. it really is worth every bit of agony the decision may take.

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John said...

Great review, guys!