Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One way the way to come..

Durban is increasingly becoming a popular gay destination since the changes to the return-ticket airways policy. Previously one could only fly in to and depart from Johannesburg (and Cape Town on selected routes) on a return ticket basis. The additional costs of a return ticket to Durban from Johannesburg put us effectively out of reach of the 5-7 day tourist.
The best way to see South Africa now is as per our recommended itinerary as follows..
1. A one way ticket to Johannesburg from your country. Stay 2 nights.
2. Hire a car and drive to Durban via the Drakensburg Mountains (6 hour journey with one-night Berg stop-over inbetween
3. Stay in Durban 2/3 nights
4. Fly one-way to Port Elizabeth, hire a car there and drive to Cape Town with one night stop-over in Hermanus (whale coast)
5. Stay in Cape Town for 5 nights - see our Stay Gay links on this page.
6. Fly home one-way from Cape Town

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