Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pretty in Pink

When I saw the fields of pink outside the Nottingham Road tourist office I couldn't resist taking this photo. Llewellyn of course refused to jump in, take all of his clothes off and lie naked in the flowers, so this is the best shot I got. :-)
If the organisers of the midlands Pink Festival at Nottingham Road wish to make this an annual event, it will need a lot of promotion outside of the small farming midlands community to bring the people here next year. We nevertheless had a lot of fun and think the venue and idea was great. We went up on Saturday and stayed over with a friend that night, doing a pub crawl and drinking the specially prepared "Pink Beer" made by the famous Nottingham Road Brewery. The brew really was very good and is capable of being sold in gay venues elsewhere - we will have to upload a pic of us drinking some so you can see it really does have a clear stawberry colour.

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DonPato said...

a field of pink flowers can make any man look better. VEry nice blog here I like it and will be back for more.

San jose