Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back from trip to Gay Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich

We're back from an awesome trip to the gay hotspots of Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich.
We stayed in other gay guesthouses and with friends and sampled the gay delights of these incredible cities. It is always embarrasing to admit that we have only one real gay bar/club in Durban whereas they have so many choices, but I would never exchange what we have for the seriously cold weather we experienced as Europe had a "cold snap" in their Spring - temperatures plummeted to as low as - 13c in Berlin.
We switched our warm summer weather in Durban for the icy cold of Europe for a 10 day jaunt to the gay hot spots

We're feeling welcome

Superb first meal in Amsterdam cooked by Rogier

Francois and Rogier hosted us for 2 days in Amsterdam

Cycling around Amsterdam is the way to go

Hotel Armistad in Amsterdam where we stayed part of our stay there

The Berlin Bear took on new colours in the gay area

Thanks Mark and Mario for hosting us in Berlin

Berlin host Mario and Dave in a toast to friendship and a good meal

Dave hams it up in an attempt to climb a portion of the Berlin Wall at the museum

As a brotherly pledge to work towards the demolishion of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Russian President Gorbochef gave his counterpart the famed kiss on the lips, now immortalised in a painting of the event on the remaining piece of the wall.

Dave and Llewellyn at the Brandenberg Gate at the entrance to the city of Berlin

In anticipation of Easter coming this weekend, the store displays everywhere were amazing


There was only one thing in someone's mind in the gay area after the snowfall

Even the angels in Berlin hae goaties and moustaches

Llewellyn was feeling at home with this orange mini, similar to the one he had last.

Jurgen in Berlin was the most helpful host with information about his city, gay life and simple things like menu translations where we had ground to a halt.

I would have loved to bring some gorgeous gay art back home, just the prices of everything were hectic for us poor South Africans.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fraud Alert

Internet crime is on the increase and we are sad to report that a guest has paid money into an account that was furnished by email, thinking that the money was being paid to us.

The fraudster cleverly created a fake email that looked like it was coming from us although the name of the accountholder given as N.L.Phisi could perhaps have alerted the guest to the fact that this was not our guesthouse banking account.

Nevertheless the booking amount was paid to this account and the police and Fnb are investigating the fraud.

We wish to remind guests not to make payment of any amount to an account given, no matter how genuine it may seem, unless they have personally verified the account with either Llewellyn or myself (Dave). We also have credit card facilities at the guesthouse and payment can be made by credit card.

Our new secure internet payment gateway will also shortly be up and running for online bookings, so look out for this new development, improving the way we interact with our valued guests.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Fun weekend

We had a fun weekend in the Durban surrounds this weekend and discovered a new place for our guests to visit when coming to this part of the world. ..1000 hills chef school and micro-craft-brewery.
They make over 10 labels and we did a beer tasting, rating each of the beers and choosing the best. We also bought a few of the beers for the guesthouse bar and for our guests to try. The brewery joins a growing number of new micro-breweries that are springing up and our verdict was excellent.
The chef school and brewery is just 45kms west of Durban nestled in the 1000 hills area - truly spectacular and worth a visit. We also had lunch there, cooked by the chefs in training and the cheeses, pickles and salami were all made there.. yummy and a great find.