Sunday, March 03, 2013

Fun weekend

We had a fun weekend in the Durban surrounds this weekend and discovered a new place for our guests to visit when coming to this part of the world. ..1000 hills chef school and micro-craft-brewery.
They make over 10 labels and we did a beer tasting, rating each of the beers and choosing the best. We also bought a few of the beers for the guesthouse bar and for our guests to try. The brewery joins a growing number of new micro-breweries that are springing up and our verdict was excellent.
The chef school and brewery is just 45kms west of Durban nestled in the 1000 hills area - truly spectacular and worth a visit. We also had lunch there, cooked by the chefs in training and the cheeses, pickles and salami were all made there.. yummy and a great find.

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Shelldon said...

It's great you found a new place to visit in the 1000 Hills area, another idea is to carry on a bit more to Monteseel and head down the valley into Isithumba, I'm sure your guests would enjoy it!