Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Duane and Pieter, Brent and Travis and Llewellyn regroup for drinks in the Guesthouse before venturing out for supper. The weather was absolutely glorious today so most of us had a hectic night and day out so I can see an early to bed evening. We're out-partied!

Happy Easter all. Hope your Easter weekend has been great.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot Easter Bunnies

The Guesthouse is bursting at the seams with all rooms full for the Easter break. Here are some of the hot Easter bunnies enjoying a drink out and dinner before bringing "fresh meat" to The Lounge, Durban's gay club which was already packed by 10pm tonight.

In the photos from top and left to right are guesthouse co-owner Llewellyn at Billy the Bums with Jaye, Johan and Pieter, and in the second photo Duane with Len, Ryan, and Llewellyn.

Dave takes to the skies

Dave with daughter Kate-Lynn climb into Marc's plane

Climbing into an aeroplane and lifting off into the skies is not as easy as it looks, but pretty cool.

I went for a demo flight lesson today and am considering getting my licence. No pics of me flying the plane though as I was concentrating heavily while I zoomed over Tala game reserve while clutching the flight controls.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Airline for Durban

Durban has a new Airline - Velvet Sky promising to shake up the budget airline routes from Durban to Johannesburg and Johannesburg to Cape Town. A pity they don't have a direct link to Cape Town from here, but they started off with an introductory fare of only R200 to Joberg each way. Wow. Unfortunately the special is over and the fares seem to be similar now to the other competitors. The new airline was born and bred in Durban and our new King Shaka Airport I believe will open many more gateways to Durban nationally and internationally.

We have already booked our flights to Beirut and Damascus on Emirates which flies right out of Durban - what a relief, no more sitting around Johannesburg Airport when we are en route to an international holiday destination. We will be sure to use this route when we visit Llewellyn's dad in Los Angeles.. direct from Durban via Dubai.

10th Anniversary for Ian and Claude

Martinis and Dutch Slapper cocktails at the Guesthouse

Ian, Mark, Llewellyn, Lee and Claude

Claude and Ian

Llewellyn, Dave and Claude

Ian, Mark and Lee fool around at dinner

Guesthouse owners Llewellyn and Dave

It's a milestone (or is it a millstone ha ha) when friends celebrate their 10th anniversary. Congrats to Ian and Claude.

Celebrating at the Guesthouse and then enjoying dinner out are Ian, Claude, Mark and Lee (21 years together) and the spring-chickens in the relationship status, Llewellyn and Dave (6 1/2 years).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rooftop abuzz with ladies and music

Wow, what a Saturday with our Ladies Weekend in Durban and Rooftop Sundowners Party. Thanks to Collette for the Bent Social and to the ladies who came, drank and conquered. It was an awesome party for us, even though Llewellyn and I were the only guys there.

For more pics of the event, click here and scroll down.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Meet Øyvind and Erlend

Meet Erlend and Øyvind from Norway, who call themselves "two dashy dudes in Kenya!" on their blog about their adventures on their 3-month student exchange.

Whilst my daughter Kate-Lynn has been visiting Norway, the Norwegians studying teacher training in Trondheim have also been posted around the world on a similar student exchange. Taking time out from Kenya,  Erlend and Øyvind are in Durban for a few days and it was great to get a chance to meet up with them. In the pics we are enjoying a braai at our guesthouse and shooters, with Gabby, Brad, Llewellyn, Ian and I.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Guests get married

Meet our guests Kobus (left) and Carl who got married last week. Congratulations guys, every day we are meeting more guys who have taken the plunge since the 2006 Civil Union Act legalised marriages and civil partnerships.

Don't forget also that guesthouse co-owner, Dave, is a notary Public, so if you are thinking of hitching up, be sure to ask Dave to register your pre-nuptial /ANC or Civil Partnership agreement before you get married or register the union.

dave email:

It's FUNSUNZI in Durban

Our local radio station, East Coast Radio, or ECR as we all know it, has a great campaign going to promote Durban as the FUN, SUN, SEA, destination of South Africa, or FUNSUNZI as they have dubbed the campaign.

What a great idea, especially as we head towards winter, knowing that Durban is the only place on the warm east coast where you can have it all, all seasons of the year, whilst the rest of the country goes into hibernation.