Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wine Week in Durban

The great thing about the annual Mercury Wine Week in Durban is that it is always on Dav'e birthday, so who needs a reason to celebrate? With friends who enjoy a good glass of Wine there was aplenty with over 180 Cape Wine Farms represented. Needless to say I have a memory lapse after far to many tastes of the beautiful nectar.

Another Birthday %$#@& for Dave
Llewellyn and Dave enjoy a glass of wine with Chris and Gavin of Tyson's Properties - we were all on the recent gay cruise to the Baltic as well.
Dave and Llewellyn eye out the hot winemasters from the Cape. And for wines we enjoyed the Slanghoek wines.. must make a note to visit the farm next time we are in the Cape.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Meet Berend a recent guest whose family is now divided between South Africa and Argentina with a sister there who runs a Hostel with her Russian husband... Hostel Tinktienkie and I said I would put a link to it here on our blog... seems one way to get out of the rat race, or you could just come to our Guesthouse here for a few days of relaxation. Even though it may be cold elsewhere in South Africa, we spent a few hours on the beach here yesterday.. glorious weather.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in Durban after Amsterdam Pride

We sailed into Amsterdam on Saturday in time for the 2010 Gay Pride Canal Parade which attracted 400 000 spectators despite the slight rain. It started with a warm welcome at the dockside and ocean terminal as we stepped off the "Eurodam" after a whirlwind cruise of the Baltic with 1500 gay guys, then an interview screened on Dutch TV that night, the spectacular canal parage through the main canals of Amsterdam and awesome parties in the streets of the city.

Even the street barmen were hot and willing to wave the flag for us.

The rights of gay Africa were represented for the first time in the canal parade.

More than 40 floats took part in the parade in intermittant rain.

Street artists claimed their share of the action too.

The hot "kissing boys" did not need to decorate their float too much - just add skin!

Even the Police were represented at Gay Pride... with a helmet..

And Dave admires the boobs... lol

Dave and Llewellyn take every opportunity to show the South Africans were there.

Flags and balloons greeted the "Eurodam" at the dockside in Amsterdam on the morning of arrival for Gay Pride 2010 and we showed them our Pride.