Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Durban View Gay Guesthouse

Hey guys - this is Durban - the warmest place to be in sunny South Africa on the east coast..

It's where our exclusively gay guesthouse and backpackers is situate right here in the heart of Durban ... the warm friendly city where gay is good.

So come visit and enjoy gay life in our part of South Africa.

Durban View Guesthouse welcomes visitors from around the world and we've already made some great new friends. Your hosts are Dave and Llewellyn.

See links to our site for bookings and enquiries else where on this blog or click

Your hosts Dave and Llewellyn

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

We're off on a summer holiday

Thanks to Thomie who will be managing the guesthouse while we are away on summer holiday to the beaches of Croatia and Mykonos.

Llewellyn and Dave with their beach bods best effort
Dave showing his new beach bod

Llewellyn has been hard at work in the gym

Dave showing some biceps

We'll be sailing around the islands of Croatia on a yacht

Dubrovnik will be one of the ports in Croatia where we will dock

Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday beach bod

It's another birthday for me and at 57 I'm probably in the best shape I have been in my life. Llew and I are going to have extended celebrations with a month in Europe next week, cruising the islands of Croatia and on the beaches of Mykonos. Thanks to Thomie who will be looking after our guests in our absence.

Dave getting ready for the beaches of Europe

A recent pic from Madagascar on our expedition there over the Mozambique Channel in our plane

A pic on the apron of Pietermaritzburg Airport

On the beach n Madagascar.. Dave and Llewellyn

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Birthday cake

First birthday cake baked for me by my husband - not the first cake he ever baked, but the first as my husband.. thank you my man, was very special and so yummy!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reunion Dinner

Llewellyn and Dave at Dave's Kloof High School 1975 Matrics' 40th Reunion Dinner last night.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Birthday fun

Dave enjoying a drink with mate Marc on his birthday. Marc and Lee joined us on our recent trip to Madagascar and we will be joining them in September for a yacht cruise of the Croatian islands.

Dave with minion Kevin and Marc 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

We flew to Madagascar over the Mozambique Channel

Llewellyn and I had an incredible adventure to Madagascar earlier this month, crossing the Mozambique Channel, the Bay of Maputo and the crossing to the offshore island of Ile Sainte Marie in our single engine 2-seater aircraft named ZDL (Zulu Dave Llewellyn). We joined together a tour group of 6 Sling aircraft and plotted our way through Madagascar, land of lemurs, baobabs and chameleons, all of which we saw, whilst also taking the time to chug local rum and coconut cocktails (once we had landed). See my aviation blog linked here, for the full story and the adventures each day.

Crossing the sea with life jackets and life raft and other marine safety equipment in our airplane

Clouds, sky and sea over the Mozambique Channel

The Durban pilots Dave, Lee, Marc, Llewellyn and Louis

Llew feeds a friendly lemur

Sean shows some rainbow colours 

Heading out for the Bay of Maputo crossing 220 kms and the furthest was 75 kms out to sea

Arriving in Vilankulos, Mozambique the first leg of our journey

We have arrived at our beach destination on the east coast of Madagascar, day 3 of the trip

The Durban crew line up for a selfie at the Avenue of Baobabs, near Morondava, Madagascar

We're in tiny planes, crossing the Mozambique Channel with sea and sky all around - 875 kms and 5 1/2 hour crossing

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Goodbye Charl

So sad to hear of the passing of our hero and Mr Gay World 2010, Charl vd Berg. You were a really beautiful person and an inspiration to many. The excitement as you captured the Mr Gay South Africa 2009 title then went on to dazzle the world in 2010 was amazing. Rest in peace dear soul, you will be missed. Llew and I pass our condolances to his partner and family.

Charl van den Berg who passed away this week

Charl meets Dave at Durban View Guesthouse

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Color Run Festival Durban

I can never say it often enough, how lucky we are to have this Durban winter weather. I got up before dawn this morning for a flight with my student pilot and then at 9am we were at the beachfront for the Color Run Festival basking in 25c winter sunshine. 

Llew and I all coloured up at the finish

The "before" picture

Llew sporting some colour

Dave, Llew and his sister Liesl

Walkers before they got to the yellow station

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Club Altitude tonight

It's Pride in Durban

Celebrating the US marriage equality decision

It's truly amazing to see how many people, both gay and straight, have adopted the Facebook rainbow filter in support of the USA Supreme Court decision to uphold marriage equality and ban any of the States from imposing a ban or restriction. It's about time, but great and welcome news.

Mr Gay South Africa, Craig Maggs at Durban View Guesthouse for Gay Pride this weekend

Dave, co-owner of Durban View Guesthouse celebrates the rainbow way

Dave's husband Llewellyn, a recently qualified pilot, also celebrating the USA decision

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Winter sunshine in Durban

Nothing better than a public holiday to get up early and have some fun in the city. 10km cycle along the Durban beachfront followed by breakfast was the way to go. It's the same time of year as the 2010 World Cup Football in Durban and the weather again is absolutely stunning. Beach weather, suntanning and the perfect time to be outdoors.

Guesthouse owners Dave (left) with husband Llew (right)

Mid-winter temperatures of 28c in Durban make it a beach day

My buff husband

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Gym time

Llewellyn and I have been doing a little weight training/crossfit/cardio lately to trim down and add some muscle to these tired limbs ha ha.

Llewelyn doing 100 Bicep cable curls each arm

Tricep pushdowns

Dave shaping up