Monday, May 02, 2016

Dave's daughter and son get married

It's been a busy few months for Guesthouse co-owner Dave whose son and daughter both got married in the last few months, his daughter this weekend past.

Mark's wedding in December 2015

Lisa married Dave's son Mark

Dave and Llew with the best man Dain

The groom and groomsmen

Dave and Llewellyn with Llew's kids and Dave's daughter

Da boys with Kate
Kate's wedding 30 April 2016

Proud Dad with his daughter and new son-in law

Dave and his daughter walk down the forest "isle"

The sun can streaming in on a freezing cold day after the Berg snowfall

Dave with his gorgeous daughter Kate

We flew the American flag at the guesthouse for the groom's family from the USA

We went hiking in the mountains ahead of the wedding

Mark and his dad Dave

Dad's first viewing of the bride

Dave and Llew and his kids in the forest where the ceremony was held

Dave and his son Mark

Dave with the married couple, his son and the groom's mother and brother

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