Friday, April 30, 2010

It's full moon

I can't resist taking a shot of the full moon rising up over Durban from the sea. So beautiful last night.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Durban View Guesthouse - backpacker/student options

Right here at Durban View Gay Guesthouse we are now offering a backpacking/student option in The Bunk Room - it's for under 25s only and the room is tastefully furnished but, unlike our other rooms, does not have en-suite shower facilities. Our under 25 backpacking guests have the use of our outside shower, made famous by local model Tyrone Nell seen in the photo here.

The backpacking option is therefore a no frills option and at R325 per person sharing a room is cost effective but also gives  our younger guests the comfort of the guesthouse, the pub, the roof-top jacuzzi and sundeck and of course we are exclusively gay, and the rate includes breakfast. Book Now here.

In the photo guesthouse co-owner Dave puts the finishing touches to the room. The idea was to put the upmarket gay guesthouse within the reach of younger guys on a tighter budget. Dave and Llewellyn have stayed at various backpackers overseas and they are now offering a luxury option at a backpacker price to suit students and youngsters travelling. A strict under 25 policy will apply.

Backpacker/student accommodation options now available at Durban's exclusively gay guesthouse - Durban View Guesthouse.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Transport Website at last

Everyone in the tourism industry is delighted that Durban has launched a new Public Transport website in time for the World Cup Football event.
If you follow the link here you will be able to find bus routes and time-tables helping you get around the city.

We have also been hard at work at the
Guesthouse and have put in a Guest computer with free internet access (in addition to the free wi-fi we have throughout the house) and on the desktop you are able to click on our Google Map and find restaurants, pubs and tourist info within 100 metres of the Guesthouse as well as directions to other places of interest and nearby shopping centres.

In addition we have installed a telephone for guest use with free calls to book a taxi or one of our favourite restaurants.

In the photo above Guesthouse co-owner Llewellyn checks out the Google Africa map showing Durban View Guesthouse.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guesthouse hot pics

I am sure I promised you some hot pics of model Tyrone Nell from his recent photo shoot for Spartacus International at the Guesthouse. Well here they are am I am proud to say I got to take them myself. Thanks Tyrone for making yourself available and for adding plenty of excitement to the Guesthouse last Saturday.

The photos also show off a bit of the Guesthouse with scenes shot around the pool, the rooftop jacuzzi, the outside shower and the patio deck off the Pool room and Rainbow room. These were recent building additions we made to the Guesthouse. Dave

9th Anniversary

It's our friends Ian and Claude's 9th Anniversary so we celebrated with them having Indonesian dinner out. In the photos are from top and left to right, Ian and Claude, then Dave, Llewellyn, Claude and Ian.
Of course we drank far too much wine and are having a struggle today @#%$. Congrats guys and thanks for sharing your special night with us.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

House photos

The photo shoot with Tyrone Nell in the house this weekend gave us the opportunity to take some photos of the Guesthouse and some of the decor changes and improvements we have been busy with. In the photo above we have pimped up the pub a little for the FIFA 2010 World Cup football taking place in Durban and other centres in South Africa in June... Dave (left), Llewellyn (right).

The lounge/sitting room of the Guesthouse with one of the new South African indigenous Nguni cow hides on the floor.

The new breakfast tables with Nguni cow beaded wire-work.

Dave (guesthouse co-owner) tidies up the bar.
Llewellyn checks out the new guest computer downstairs. This suplements our free wireless internet in the house, particularly for those who don't travel with a laptop. We have created handy links on the desktop and have also created a google map which shows the gay bars, beaches and hot-spots in Durban.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spartacus Photo Shoot

We were very privileged to be asked by Spartacus to do a shoot for the cover of their International Hotel and Guesthouse Gay Guide so local boy Tyrone Nell joined us and some friends arond the pool and bar at Durban View Guesthouse for some photos.

In the pics are (from top) Guesthouse co-owner Llewellyn, myself (Dave) and Donovan; Tyrone on the stairs to the Pool and bar terrace; Ryan and Donovan with Llewellyn at the bar; and last photo Dave and Tyrone review the pics of the shoot. Watch this space for some more of the hot pics I will post soon... especially the shower shots...!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter in Durban

Guests from around the world and South Africa, enjoying the company at the Guesthouse the past few days.

In the photos are (top) Brian from London, Duraid from Lebanon and Phillip, a regular guest from Johannesburg.

Protesting that he hasn't yet had his morning shower in the second photo is Eduard from Barcelona who has been wizzing around South Africa on a holiday trip. In the third photo around the Guesthouse Pub are Duraid from Lebanon, Jose from Mexico, Phillip from Jhb, Guesthouse co-owner Llewellyn and Eduard from Barcelona.

In the last photo are Roger and Leif from the Netherlands on their second visit to Durban and our Guesthouse. Welcome back guys.. hope you all had an awesome time with us.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

4 Things to Do in Durban

We are often asked for recommendations as to what to see or do in and around Durban. Of course the best way to get around is in your own vehicle and we would recommend that you hire a car as South Africa has big wide open spaces and not the public transport network that will get you to the places you want to go. Options are:


The latest muti-billion rand project completed in Durban is the 2010 Fifa World Cup Football Stadium - the most impressive in South Africa.

A unique feature of the Moses Mabhi
da Stadium is the high arch - one can catch the funicular cable car to the top of the arch, walk up the stairs to the top or take a breath-taking swing from one of the crossbeams across the whole stadium, or simply stroll along the beachfront promenade to the Stadium and back.

2. HARBOUR CRUISE: Brunch, Champagne Sunsets, Dinner Cruise

Join the Allen Gardiner Harbour cruise around the calm waters of Durban Harbour during which freshly-prepared fine foods are served and a fully stocked bar is open - one of the better ways to see Durban from the other side. Check out the full details on their website at: Allen Gardiner Harbour Cruise Restaurant.


A must see in Durban is the uSHAKA shopping and aquarium complex on the beachfront at the harbour entrance - the beginning of our Waterfront development under construction at the moment. The uShaka Marine World features a full size shipwreck on the land with the Aquarium and shark tank built inside and under the huge ship. A good place to eat is the Cargo Hold restaurant in the ship which features a double story window with the sharks swimming around checking what gourmet seafoods you are eating.