Sunday, April 25, 2010

Durban View Guesthouse - backpacker/student options

Right here at Durban View Gay Guesthouse we are now offering a backpacking/student option in The Bunk Room - it's for under 25s only and the room is tastefully furnished but, unlike our other rooms, does not have en-suite shower facilities. Our under 25 backpacking guests have the use of our outside shower, made famous by local model Tyrone Nell seen in the photo here.

The backpacking option is therefore a no frills option and at R325 per person sharing a room is cost effective but also gives  our younger guests the comfort of the guesthouse, the pub, the roof-top jacuzzi and sundeck and of course we are exclusively gay, and the rate includes breakfast. Book Now here.

In the photo guesthouse co-owner Dave puts the finishing touches to the room. The idea was to put the upmarket gay guesthouse within the reach of younger guys on a tighter budget. Dave and Llewellyn have stayed at various backpackers overseas and they are now offering a luxury option at a backpacker price to suit students and youngsters travelling. A strict under 25 policy will apply.

Backpacker/student accommodation options now available at Durban's exclusively gay guesthouse - Durban View Guesthouse.

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