Thursday, April 01, 2010

4 Things to Do in Durban

We are often asked for recommendations as to what to see or do in and around Durban. Of course the best way to get around is in your own vehicle and we would recommend that you hire a car as South Africa has big wide open spaces and not the public transport network that will get you to the places you want to go. Options are:


The latest muti-billion rand project completed in Durban is the 2010 Fifa World Cup Football Stadium - the most impressive in South Africa.

A unique feature of the Moses Mabhi
da Stadium is the high arch - one can catch the funicular cable car to the top of the arch, walk up the stairs to the top or take a breath-taking swing from one of the crossbeams across the whole stadium, or simply stroll along the beachfront promenade to the Stadium and back.

2. HARBOUR CRUISE: Brunch, Champagne Sunsets, Dinner Cruise

Join the Allen Gardiner Harbour cruise around the calm waters of Durban Harbour during which freshly-prepared fine foods are served and a fully stocked bar is open - one of the better ways to see Durban from the other side. Check out the full details on their website at: Allen Gardiner Harbour Cruise Restaurant.


A must see in Durban is the uSHAKA shopping and aquarium complex on the beachfront at the harbour entrance - the beginning of our Waterfront development under construction at the moment. The uShaka Marine World features a full size shipwreck on the land with the Aquarium and shark tank built inside and under the huge ship. A good place to eat is the Cargo Hold restaurant in the ship which features a double story window with the sharks swimming around checking what gourmet seafoods you are eating.

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