Monday, March 11, 2013

Fraud Alert

Internet crime is on the increase and we are sad to report that a guest has paid money into an account that was furnished by email, thinking that the money was being paid to us.

The fraudster cleverly created a fake email that looked like it was coming from us although the name of the accountholder given as N.L.Phisi could perhaps have alerted the guest to the fact that this was not our guesthouse banking account.

Nevertheless the booking amount was paid to this account and the police and Fnb are investigating the fraud.

We wish to remind guests not to make payment of any amount to an account given, no matter how genuine it may seem, unless they have personally verified the account with either Llewellyn or myself (Dave). We also have credit card facilities at the guesthouse and payment can be made by credit card.

Our new secure internet payment gateway will also shortly be up and running for online bookings, so look out for this new development, improving the way we interact with our valued guests.

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