Thursday, November 09, 2006

Out in Africa Film Festival

Starting this evening and until Sunday 12th November the "Out in Africa" - South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - shows at the Berea Cine Centre in Durban. The following movies will be exhibited during the Festival according to the offical programme:

Thurs 9 November
6pm - Aggressives.. about unapologetic butch womens' love and life in New York City;
and Ndim Ndim.. A story about a black lesbian living in a homophobic Xhosa community educating the people around her.
8pm - TransAmerica... a woman undergoes gender re-assignment surgery and then finds out he/she has a son.
10pm - Breakfast on Pluto.. the story follows the expoits of an endearing, witty, deceptively clever and tough young transvestite, Patrick Braden.

Fri 10 November
6.30pm - Mom.. a fun and sexy lesbian movie with a twist about the lives of a pair of market researchers.
8.15pm - BrokeBack Mountain.. heartrending epic romance between two cowboys destined never to be together.
10.30pm - Exposed: The making of a Legend.. a roudy movie about 39 buffed and fluffed men and one woman: a porno-mentary.
Sat 11 November
2pm - 5.30pm - Noah's Ark.. the first 9 episodes of the first ever-sizzling black gay series.
6pm - TransAmerica
8pm - Girl Play.. this movie questions the commitment of the committed - as the fine line between real life and character development becomes blurred.
and - Tai Chi for Tipplers.. a timeous hilarious self-help using secret ancient teachings to assist lesbians.
and - Wanted.. a single gay man's struggle to adopt.
10pm - Beyond Vanilla.. a graphic movie about the practices of the people who constantly seek the intensity and adrenalin rush of extreme sex.

Sun 12 November
2pm - 5.30pm - FingerSmith.. a film of betrayal and intrigue set in 1862 involving Susan and Maud.
6pm - Breakfast on Pluto
8.30pm - BrokeBack Mountain.. see storyline above and earlier review on this page.

Tickets are R15 per movie and bookings may be made at the cinema at upper level Berea Centre, 247 Berea Road, Durban. Enquiries 021-461-4027.

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