Thursday, November 16, 2006

London visitors

London visitors Tim (left) and Andew (right) join us for a short 2-day stay as they wing and drive their way around South Africa. Both are widely travelled and have been enjoying the mountains, fresh air and attractions of South Africa - an increasingly popular destination for travellers who appreciate good value for money - due to the exchange rate - in this country. An ale for a pound!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave and Llewellyn

Tim and Andrew here - hope you guys are well. We arrived back safely
yesterday, but true to form the Iberia flight from Jo'burg to Madrid on
Friday night was late taking off and so we missed our connection back to
London and had to wait an hour for the next one.

Total confusion as to whether we were allowed to take the duty free we
purchased in Jo'burg back to London. Eventually we bought another bag in
Madrid and checked it in as "hold luggage" no one seems to know the new
restrictions so best to check it in rather than hand luggage.

Thanks again for you hospitality - we had great fun and hope to see you guys
again one day. If you ever visit the UK and want a base then feel free to
use us - so to speak

Oh yes a picture for you - and if you get time can you send the one you took
of us.

Cheeers Tim and Andrew xx