Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - a great year for Durban

This is the end of a great year and we're finishing on a hot note. This is the year South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup Football event and our Guesthouse was spinning with hot fans from all over the world.

We travelled the world as well with a trip to Dublin, skiing in Bulgaria, and Amsterdam in February, as well as a road trip to Cape Town after the World Cup in July. August saw us on a gay-only Baltic Cruise from Copenhagen to Estonia, St Petersberg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Amsterdam gay Pride. And in October we did a short work-related trip and conference on a cruise from Hong Kong to China and Vietnam. We also visited Cape Town again - one of our favourite world cities.

After the rescession of 2009, business confidence in South Africa improved, particularly with the World Cup taking place and my office business grew once again. In March this year I took on a partner and we go into 2011 with renewed vigor and confidence for an even better year.

2010 was the year our hot Charl van den Berg, Mr Gay South Africa, also lifted the Mr Gay World title - well done Charl, we are so proud of you. My Gay Cape Town, Gay Johannesburg and Gay South Africa blogs also took off and I introduced a Google Map of each city linked on these blogs.

So here's to all of you on this last day of 2010. We in  South Africa, with a time zone difference of between 6 and 9 hours compared to New York and San Francisco, will get to 2011 first- around midday in the States.. so party hard and will chat to you again next year. Thanks for following - reaching our all-time record readership of our Hotbodz blog this month - will bring you more of the hottest bodz next year.  Dave

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