Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr Marc to the rescue

What a day Friday turned out to be. I had chipped my tooth and was booked in at the dentist. Guest Marc co-incidentally had the same problem so I hauled him off to the dentist with me going a bit earlier to see if he could be squeezed in.

My dentist died that morning, much to our shock and berwilderment. Marc is a paramedic though and serving as a ship's doctor on an oil exploration ship in the Gulf of Mexico is used to improvising and fixing any emergency. So out he came with some dentist-filler and stopped up the chipped wall of my tooth as well as his own. Although a working day, that was the end of all prospect of work and Marc, his friend Dimitri and I mixed all known cocktails and spent the rest of the day downing them. Thanks Marc!!

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