Thursday, August 13, 2015

We flew to Madagascar over the Mozambique Channel

Llewellyn and I had an incredible adventure to Madagascar earlier this month, crossing the Mozambique Channel, the Bay of Maputo and the crossing to the offshore island of Ile Sainte Marie in our single engine 2-seater aircraft named ZDL (Zulu Dave Llewellyn). We joined together a tour group of 6 Sling aircraft and plotted our way through Madagascar, land of lemurs, baobabs and chameleons, all of which we saw, whilst also taking the time to chug local rum and coconut cocktails (once we had landed). See my aviation blog linked here, for the full story and the adventures each day.

Crossing the sea with life jackets and life raft and other marine safety equipment in our airplane

Clouds, sky and sea over the Mozambique Channel

The Durban pilots Dave, Lee, Marc, Llewellyn and Louis

Llew feeds a friendly lemur

Sean shows some rainbow colours 

Heading out for the Bay of Maputo crossing 220 kms and the furthest was 75 kms out to sea

Arriving in Vilankulos, Mozambique the first leg of our journey

We have arrived at our beach destination on the east coast of Madagascar, day 3 of the trip

The Durban crew line up for a selfie at the Avenue of Baobabs, near Morondava, Madagascar

We're in tiny planes, crossing the Mozambique Channel with sea and sky all around - 875 kms and 5 1/2 hour crossing

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