Sunday, May 11, 2014

Seaplane flying out of Durban harbour

Durban has it coming - having just returned from the States with my USA Pilot's licence and seaplane rating, I am keen to see Durban following. Apparently there is a seaplane operating out of Langebaan lagoon north of Cape Town and I understand that there are a handful of (including myself) qualified seaplane pilot's in South Africa. The amphibian (can take off on land or water) is operated by Wings and Tracks from Brits near Johannesburg and they also land on a dam near there.

I am going to fetch our new flight school Sling plane in Cape Town next weekend and will have time to go up to Langebaan to see the Seagle in action and maybe even fly the plane.

The Seagle Amphibian which flies out of Langebaan lagoon

Durban Harbour and Vetch's pier could be good landing spots for an amphibian based in Durban with training though Durban Skyye Flight School based at Virginia.
The popular Foxbat plane in South Africa can also be fitted with floats to land on both water and land (with retractable wheels) 

Bundu Aviation from Bronkhorstspruit also supply Zenair floats that can be fitted to a variety of planes

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