Monday, December 02, 2013

Busy weekend

Welcome back to the Guesthouse Matt and Kris who were living in Edinburgh when they last came to stay with us, but who have now relocated to Chester in the Manchester area of the UK. Sadly, to put to rest his mom's ashes, but good to have been part of this memorable occasion with you Matt and to welcome you guys back to the house. As it turns out murphy's law had it that the weekend we had planned on an escape from Durban on a Mozambique cruise turned out to be one of our busier weekends with guys from Belgium, and a few from Johannesburg for the Babylon Party in Durban, ably looked after by our friend Ian. Thanks Ian for looking after everyone so well... it seems the party was happening in our absence!!

Guesthouse owners Dave and Llewellyn celebrated their 9th anniversary together on the MSC Opera on a cruise from Durban to the Portuguese Island just off the coast of Maputo.

There was plenty of talent on the cruise and the beach

Llewellyn soaks up some sun on Portuguese Island

My son just finished his Engineering degree and the cruise was a chance to congratulate my kids and spend some time catching up and with my mom who also joined us on the ship.

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