Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guesthouse Heritage Day braai

Heritage Day is becoming known as our national braai day, and our mates made sure we did just that, enjoying plenty of drinks, great food - especially the bake-contest Marc and Dave were embroiled in, each showing off their baking course skills. Yummy all round and good friends!!

The lunch-time braai was of course preceded by beer-drinking at the Shongweni Farmers' Market where we arrived at opening time for the first beers out of the draft dispensers at the Standeaven Brewery which opened recently in the area....

Beautiful beers from Standeaven.. or stand-not-so-eaven afterwards

Dave quaffs down a Black Gold beer

Cheers to Llewellyn

Shooters all round!

Marc is the cellphone addict of the group.

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