Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Festive Durban July

South Africa's premier horseracing and fashion event takes place this Saturday, a few steps down the road from the guesthouse.

The fashion theme for the event is POSH! Oh my GOSH! - so it's a chance to dress up (and dress down..see below) and have a ball (or 2).

Not to be missed is the annual 13th race, which takes place after the last of the 12 horse races. This is probably the most watched event as up to 200 hunky guys take off their clothes at the 100m mark and do a starkers dash to the finish line... some even run back again whilst others put their jocks back on and return for their clothes. Check out the YouTube video clip of last years race here.

Pic from the video taken at the finishline last year

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