Sunday, May 06, 2012

Gay Loyalty South Africa

Our loyal and frequent guests will know that we have been running a successful loyalty programme for several years. From the 1st June we will be extending this programme to other select participating guesthouses in South Africa. The programme is being updated and extended to enable you to spend your points at other guesthouses or to spend your points accumulated at those guesthouses here with us. It is an entirely free programme and each guesthouse will be participating without any exchange of money - a way to say thank you to the discerning guests who prefer to stay gay while you are away from home and keep those guests within the gay circle of guesthouses in South Africa.

For every guest booked per night, you will receive 100 points. 1000 points accumulated gives you a FREE single room with your next booking of 2 or more nights. 1500 points for a FREE double room similarly.

We have created a new website for the loyalty programme - Gay Loyalty South Africa - and this will be updated as more guesthouses are added. The participation logo will also appear on the website of those guesthouses who have joined the programme.

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