Friday, December 02, 2011

More Cop17 Fun in Durban

Peter (Melbourne) , Jose (Buenos Aires), Ian (Durban) and Bernado (Uruguay)

Jeroen and Lennard from Netherlands now live in Hungary, with Llewellyn and Dave

Conference organiser Peter from Melboune now living in Germany
 It's Llewellyn and my 7th Anniversary together and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a few drinks with our guests from around the world for the Cop17 Conference in Durban - here from Australia, Uruguay, Equador, Hungary, United States, Netherlands, Germany and South Africa.

Thanks Llewellyn for 7 fabulous years, proving that all things really are possible.. and we met on the internet, so never discount that as possible guys!  Check us out on facebook
Tony and Ray

The Anniversary boys Dave (left) and Llewellyn (right) with Tony

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