Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gay Film Fest Now On

The Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is in full swing at the KZNSA gallery, 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban. R35 for features and R20 for documentaries/shorts; an inexpensive bar is open during the evenings (R10 beers, R10-R20 spirits, R10-R15 wines) along with great Pride memorabilia, flags and books of interest.

All major credit/debit cards are accepted for reasonable transactions & purchases.

THU 03 NOV 10:00AM - Milk (screening of film for afternoon discussion)
THU 03 NOV 1:00PM - Activism & Martyrdom: discussing Milk in the SA Context
THU 03 NOV 6:30PM - London Shorts: Short Set #1 (3 short films)
THU 03 NOV 8:00PM - 2 Frogs in the West (feature film, English&French+subtitles)
FRI 04 NOV 2:00PM - Film Makers Workshop: Indep. films that tackle LGBTI issues
FRI 04 NOV 6:00PM - Interactive discussion with director of House of Boys
FRI 04 NOV 7:30PM - House of Boys (feature film)
FRI 04 NOV 10:00PM - Mulligans (feature film)
SAT 05 NOV 10:00AM -Sexuality Workshop: Opening the doors to your closet
SAT 05 NOV 1:00PM - Sexuality Workshop: Love safer sex
SAT 05 NOV 4:00PM - Breaking out of the Box (documentary)
SAT 05 NOV 5:00PM - Difficult Love (documentary)
SAT 05 NOV 6:00PM - Waited For (documentary)
SAT 05 NOV 8:00PM - Judas Kiss (feature film)
SAT 05 NOV 10:00PM - Official Closing Party at the KZNSA
SUN 06 NOV 2:00PM - 2 Frogs in the West (feature film, English&French+subtitles)
SUN 06 NOV 4:00PM - London Shorts: Short Set #2 (3 short films)
SUN 06 NOV 5:00PM - Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (closing night film)

Please come support us! Share this info with your friends. For more info & trailers: / or call 0318110959 (office hours) / or email

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