Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainbow Cruise send-off

Alan, Llewellyn  and Kevin

Dustin with Alternative Travel's Leon Nel and Ernest

Finalists Errol and Karl

Francois and Jared

Gavin and Juanne

Guests Jaco from Namibia, Elad from Israel, Juanne from Joburg, guesthouse co-owner Llewellyn and Joe from Namibia

Jared with guesthouse co-owner Dave

Joe with Mr Gay South Africa organiser Coenie, Jaco, and Mr Gay World 2010 Charl van den Berg

Juanne with Finalist Prince from KwaZulu-Natal

The Guesthouse was full for the weekend and enjoying drinks at The Lounge on Saturday were Guesthouse co-owners Llewellyn and Dave with their Namibia guests Joe and Jaco

Hamming it up are guests Peter, also from Namibia with Elad from Israel and Juanne from Johannesburg

Enjoying a weekend of fun at the Guesthouse we had an evening of drinks and pantomime on Saturday, followed by a pre-cruise Cocktail party on Sunday for the Mr Gay South Africa finalists and judges and the Rainbow Cruise passengers who left for a 5-night cruise to Mocambique today. Enjoy the cruiseguys and we look forward to your return for more fun with us on Friday.

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