Monday, September 06, 2010

40 in Russia

Although we have been back in Durban for almost a month, there is still some catch-up I have to do to show you where we went and what we did for Llewellyn's 40th birthday in Russia. Visas were difficult to come by but if you booked an excursion through the ship we could get a blanket visa for Russia. Conveniently they had a trip to the Russian gay nightclub "Central Station" in St.Petersburg the night of the 1st August so we could party away the last of his 39 years and into his 40th.

So here's some pics of Llewellyn with the hot bois in Russia where we drank vodka, and danced in the steamy heat of Central Station along with over 500 guys from the ship who did the Russian nightclub with us. And was it hot!! not only were the bois hot, but they were having a min-heatwave in St.Petersberg and no place there seems to have airconditioning, so everyone just had to take their shirts off...ha ha..mmm
Llewellyn catches the sunset on the eve of his birthday
Dancing in Central Station nightclub in St.Petersburg, Russia
Even the DJ seemed to come from South Africa
The hot bois made sure the eye candy was good while we danced

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