Sunday, March 08, 2009

Visit to Clarens

Our friend Ralph phoned us out of the blue and said that he was off to Clarens so would we join him for the weekend. We have not seen Ralphie for over 3 years and it was a great chance to meet half-way between Durban and Johannesbureg in the little Free State town of Clarens.

So off we went and had an awesome weekend. The big surprize was meeting the top Durban and South African band Stealing Love Jones whose lead singer and drummer played to a lucky little group in the pub Friends in the heart of Clarens.
In the photos from top are:

Close-up self-pic of Dave, Llewellyn, Jacqui and Ralph in the Clarens Friends Pub. A pic of the incredible mountains in the Golden Gate National Park on the way to Clarens. Dave (right) gets to meet Isaac the lead drummer and Esjay Jones of the famous group Stealing Love Jones who wowed the Clarens fans. Llew and Dave stop to catch a photo of the rocks. And in the bottom picture, Llewellyn poses in a section of the pipe used to tunnel water through about 40kms from Lesotho to South Africa in the Lesotho Highlands Water project just outside Clarens.

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