Thursday, February 26, 2009

Durban boys go visiting

Meeting up with friends is great, especially Nelius and Enzo - guests of ours from Cape Town who love visiting Durban, and we love visiting Cape Town. So here we are on a glorius summer's day in Cape Town last weekend where we went for a quick visit.

In the photos from top are Dave (we stopped at Hout Bay for some lunch after landing at CT airport on Friday). Llewellyn is in the next photo on the beach at Sandy Bay - not too far from Hout Bay. Then we met up with our Cape Town "circle of friends" - clockwise Enzo, Nelius, Llewellyn and Dave.

In the bottom photos, LLewellyn sips a Long Island Iced Tea cocktail on the verandah of Soho Restaurant in the Waterkant Gay Village in Cape Town. Showing some beef is Llewellyn sporting one of his new pairs of underwear from the FMO (For Men Only) shop in Sea Point - one of our favourite underwear shops (and you should see our new neoprene jocks!)

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