Thursday, October 25, 2007

Robin Hood Adult Pantomime

ROBIN HOOD 11th Annual Durban Adult Panto Oct 23 - 27 @ The Hexagon. Oct 30 - Dec 31;@ The Chris Seabrooke Theatre at DHS from Oct 30 Bookings and enquiries: 074 190 6239. It was a time of lawlessness and corruption, When honest decent folk lived in fear of thieves and brigands When the gold-hungry wealthy oppressed the poor. It was in fact, a time a lot like ours… Yes boys and girls, after many years happily spent sullying the memory of our best loved fairytales, this year's festive adult pantomime takes us back in time to the legendary green Sherwood Forest - before they smoked the green, ran a freeway through it and attempted to rename it after an obscure Libyan camel-breeder. Of course, this being pantomime there's bound to be more G-strings twanging than bow strings but, rest assured, the familiar faces will all be there. Staring Thomie Holthauzen as Friar Tuck, Rowan Bartlett as Little John, Clare McIlroy as Maid Marion, Sean de Klerk as Robin Hood & Anthony Stonier as Princess Joan of Collins. This show has it all: a dazzlingly dirty script, saucy singalongs and timeless (well they seem to last forever) songs in a classic tale of true love, good versus evil and the sheer joy of shooting sharp pointy things at other people - all this in a pristine forest setting with more bush than Paris, Lyndsay and Britney combined. Written and directed by Anthony Stonier
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