Monday, June 04, 2007

Travel South Africa

Being in the hospitality industry and recommending tour destinations to our guests, we like to try some of the destinations and transport ourselves. Llewellyn and I recently jumped on a South African Airways Express turboprop plane to visit East London and really enjoyed the flight and great service onboard. SA airways Express is our national airline's domestic service to smaller destinations within the country, linking them to our inbound airports.


Anonymous said...

Just a short hello from Harald and Morten who stayed with you last autumn. And we have a plan to meet in Amsterdam hasn't we....

Mike South Africa said...

My favorite things of Durban, South Africa :

Beer Route - Here the local's demonstrate the art of beer making and let you do some beer tasting too.

Ushaka Marine World - It has the 5th largest aquarium in the world, water slides and a 1940's cargo shipwreck.

Botanical Garden: See the Tea garden, orchids, birds, fish, animals and reptiles

Fitzimons Snake Park and Natal Sharks Board.

D&L said...

Hi MIke, thanks. The uShaka Marine World is on our must-see list for guests, but where is the beer route..?