Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Coming Out"

We both entered the Gay scene recently and had to deal with many issues relating to "coming out". We were both married and have five wonderful kids. "Coming Out" was hectic but neither of us have ever looked back. We invite you to post any comments about your own experience or advice you may have for others who are "sitting on the fence" or trying to deal with the pressures that face all of us daily.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dave and Llew

I stumbled across your blog and was inspired. I am a married guy with 2 children and came out to my wife and family a year ago. To say that the last year has been traumatic will be an understatement.

Moving out, leaving my kids who I adore, finding a place to stay and being shunned by my family has been awful and I sometimes loose hope and wonder if this was the right decision. Your story gives me a glimmer of hope that some day there may be some peace in my life again.